long over due post. so I just got back from my very insane trip

what’s more insane is the weather….BLOODY HOT.

my body must be cursing me at the moment.

Anyways, went to the Disney land in Hong Kong with Wilson and his family,
paid about 350 HKD per person for entrance and about 19 HKD for the bus ride there.
the bus rides are
………horrifying.. was having really bad motion sickness by the end of the trip but I guess they made it up by having free Wi-Fi on the buses,pretty cool

Gordan’s reaction about buses : “..I’ve got my ds, it doesn’t bother me coz I don’t get headaches after” =.=

Guess which one’s mine?

hello disney land=D

me and wilson

Chinese New Year Deco!

Oh i wish i had her hair
Def not these ears but

So, what exactly did we do in Disney Land?

We watched the Parade

Did some magic

Wilson made a new best friend

Heck we even tried pushing a car!

It was good fun

But now it’s time to make a wish, because this year’s gonna be a crazy one indeed!