My very first favourite blogpost entry!

I know alot of people are doing this in a video format, but I’m just not very good infront of the camera so I’ve decided to blog about this instead.
These are the products that I’ve been using(almost everyday!) for the month of March.

I’m not exactly a person who is extremely hardworking when it comes to taking care of my skin.Usually after using my face cleanser, I’ll end up putting on some toner and yeah that’s all I do for my skincare routine.

However, I’ve been much more better nowadays with my skincare, mainly because of my recent obsession with makeup,I feel like I need to pamper my skin every now and then to make sure that it stays clean and happy.
I still absolutely dislike using moisturiser bt!(hate hate hate the sticky residue feeling after)

anyways, my favourite beauty product of last month would be

Peter Thomas Roth intensive hydrating serum
I absolutely LOVE this product! Apart from doing what it’s suppose to do(very well I might add),I also love love love how it leaves a silky finish on your skin!!

Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Masque
It pumps oxygen into your skin!!! Need I say more? When you 1st use the mask, it would be in a liquid form, after applying on your face, it’ll start foaming up….and in a couple of 10 minutes the foam will all disappear and all you’ll have to do after is wash your face! Easy!
I’m not a big mask user(too lazy) but I would highly recommend this!

I know it’s another Peter Thomas Roth product but I really can’t not pick them as my favourites!
I’ve had this since January I think, only use it every twice a week but this thing, has been my life saviour when I was in HongKong.
I haven’t had any of my face cleanser in Hong Kong, the weather was cold and if it weren’t for this, I’d prolly end up with horrible complexion!
I bought the one that only has 0.5% of salicylic acid. for those who don’t know, Salicylic helps improves acne conditions = no more pimples!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Silky finish primer. Enough said <3
Too faced Eyeshadow Primer
I realised that everytime I don’t/forget to use this primer, my eyemake up smudges ALL THE TIME! and when I do use it, it makes my eyemake up last so much longer!! It’s a small lil tube but I’ve been using it since December and I’m not even halfway through the tube yet. Def well worth the money.

My to go makeup kit! I always end up just using Full frontal, Glamazon and socialite for a very neutral eyeshadow combination and it always look so so good.

As much as I love make up, I hate removing them! especially eyeliners and mascaras.

I actually didn’t buy this one, it was a gift from Wilson and I only started using it in March because I was running out of the one I usually use.
It removes all your eyemakeup reallllllly well and it’s just such a gentle eye makeup remover meaning no itching or stinging feeling.
The only thing I don’t like about it is that because it’s a oil based makeup remover, it tends to leave quite a oily residue on your skin but it doesn’t usually bother me because I’ll usually just wash it off with my normal face cleanser after.

My eyelashes are almost non existence.

Bought it, never looked back and def will be buying more it when I run out of them.

Lush Dream Cream

Moisturisers, it also helps improve the regeneration of the skin cell meaning less visible scar! =D

I know the next(and last product) is not at all a beauty product, but I am just SO ADDICTED TO IT it’s ridiculous!

Milky oolong! No milk needed and it still taste extremely creamy, don’t know how they made it but seriously, if you ever have a chance to buy it(and provided that you like oolong tea),

aaand I’m running really late for french lessons now. Till then!