As I mentioned previously, it was a really hot day today=)
Just couldn’t say no to going to the beach!

Went to Cottesloe today.

Was initially a lil hesitant to get into the water so I had a play around with my camera

And when Wilson was done swimming, he took over the camera=), so I had my lil own fun time with the waves

Came back home and my cousin Xuan was bored, so we’ve decided to do something a little different. We folded some paper boats, each containing our wishes and then leaving it floating along swan river. The paper boat by now probably has sunk and since it was made out of paper, perhaps will decompose within the next few days.

Had our lil fun time with our paper planes after, competing against each other trying to out-fly one another’s plane

Ended our night with Maccas.

How did you guys spend your sunday?