Just a really quick post.

ARGH I hate packing!
I’ve just bought my tickets, officially leaving on the 6th and I’ll be back in my very amazing nasi lemak land soon!

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, it was taken from my iPhone 3gs.
It’s still quite true to the actual colour of the nail polish tho.
It’s def as shiny as it is on the picture
To be honest, I didn’t really like the formulation of this nail polish
it was very rough and I had to apply top coats and stuff to smoothen the top layer, but heck, I still love the colour!
so here we go

Glow Up Already- OPI

oooh! and I made scones with Yvonne today, did turn out slightly a little over baked and crunchy but hey, at least it was yummy=D!