So next week will be my last week in Perth

I’m gonna miss the people here so so darn much.

Wilson finally finished his exams so we went around trying our luck to look for a mulberry bush coz I was craving for some mulberries(Thanks to Aaron Yeo)
Found a rather large mulberry bush just around the corner of Wilson’s place ! Gonna be bringing a container to pluck some mulberries before I head back to Malaysia

Then we went for a walk along swan river.

Then finally decided treat ourselves with proper food for dinner. We’ve been surviving on instant noodles and Maccas to save time, not very healthy I know.

Supa IGA in waterford plaza, Karawara is finally open! Erm, I’ll admit that I absolutely love grocery shopping but I’m usually not THAT excited with a new supermarket opening but this one’s different!

I really REALLY like this IGA, reasons?
1) the layout of the supermarket is beautiful, the supermarket looks really classy and pretty
2) They have the cold food section all behind the glass door fridges so no more “OMG JUST GRAB WHATEVER YOU NEED, IT”S FREEZING HERE ” reactions

and just when we were about to pay for the groceries, the fire alarm went off =.=

erm, I suppose I did what most people would do?- Continue paying for our products and ignoring the fire alarm

probably wasn’t such a great idea because the firetrucks came fairly quickly after.

I don’t know how it could have taken me so long to even notice this brand of yogurt!

It’s so so so SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!

On a complete random note,
I’m looking forward to the halloween party tomorrow!
hello fakeblood and latex skin!