So I was in London just slightly before the New years,

Picked up some Soap and Glory products from Boots Pharmacy.

Butter Yourself body butter

One of the very few body butters I don’t mind using. Absorbs real quick into the skin and I love the scent! Its so refreshing!

Wish Upon A Jar

To be honest, I still have absolutely no idea what this bottle is supposee to do. I’m just using it as a moisturiser and I quite like the finish of it. It claims, with the aid of the collagen helps you look all younger and stuff in 21 days but I’m not so sure whether it’d work on me

Hocus Focus

Liquid Highlighter. nuff said

And the brow highlighter and pencil. Arch de Triumph

Here’s a swatch

To end the post. Took the photo at St Martin.