So I needed more clothes( like you’d normally do =p)

and MHB informed me that there was a nice shop I could drop by at Le Ann Maxima at 1 Month Kiara!

Le Ann Maxima has 4 main clothing lines : Office Wear, Ladies Wear, Evening Wear and Casual Basics. (Yay pretty work clothes)

I’ve always been a colour person, so it wasn’t easy for me to find nice office wear that’s a lil brighter in colours.

Anyways, I managed to find myself a pretty top( actually I did find quite a fair bit of stuff for myself but I thought with the amount of shopping I’ve done, my mom’d kill me pretty soon)

Pair it with some nice brown slacks and you’re good to go!

Oh did I mention?

From the 13th till the 15th of January, there’s a special promotion going on!

Purchase RM300 and above and you’ll also receive a complimentary manicure session+ Le Ann Maxima’s goodie bag
Pretty cool huh!
and what’s even better?

Finger food provided=D

Me and the beautiful Zana

So I’ll end this post with what I say best!

Why think when you can SHOP!