I was fortunately invited to the Carlsberg Ace Programme Graduation with MHB last weekend.

The Carlsberg Ace Programme was designed to educate students on their beer knowledge.
This would mean that us beer consumers would have a better beer experience!

They had a theme: Superheroes, Movie Character or Anime Characters.
Me, being my very lazy self decide to cheat a little and go as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

I went with my camera-Popcorn
but as what usually happens(expected), I ended up spending a little more time on my drinks than I did with my camera.

Thankfully, Andy Kho managed to take some really pretty pictures so here you go=D

Carlsberg had this really cool ice breaker game where we had to try and get as many big tickets as we could that was attached to the helium balloons

my very AWESOME group won!!=D

And now to pictures to describe that night

Melissa was the best=D She came with really yummy home-made layer cake!

Just can’t go wrong when you’ve got a great company and alcohol to end the night=)

How did you guys spend your weekend?