As much as I love my alcohol, I do have to admit I get a little lazy with the whole refill-your-glass-from-the-liquor-bottle everytime I finish my drink. Well, mainly because my cocktail mixing skills usually gets worse over time due to the consumption of alcohol.

But, Absolut Vodka has recently launched the very first liquor tower!
This would mean that you get to premix your drinks(yay to having to pick your own cordial) and it would be much more fun when drinking with friends.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Don on behalf of Absolut Vodka for the Absolut tower launch!

So, erm. What do you do once you have a tower?

Here’s what you do

What do you need?
Well, you’ll def be needing these babies for sure! oh and meet Linora Low! our very awesome emcee for the night!

Add 400ML of Vodka

Then add in your choice of cordial till it hits the 1800ml mark

add some ice


And you’ll have yourself your very own make cocktail!


Easy enough huh!

Anyyways, the night was filled with games, laughter, food and yeah you’ve guessed it! more photos!

Fix that puzzle

Yay I managed to fix the puzzle up!

Me and Louise

Such a cute photo!

With Evelyn

Samantha, Zana, Melissa and me

And def much thanks to the guy who drove me home safely that night.

Photo credits to Andrew Chiam, Nelson and Samantha

Pretty cool huh! I’ve had such an awesome night that night. You just can’t go wrong with the combination of both alcohol and awesome company!

Especially with Chinese New Year happening, it’d be pretty cool to gather a couple of close friends and enjoy the night with the fun of having to make your own cocktail=)


You’d be able to find these liquor tower from the following places

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