Free meal!=D

Pretty awesome if you get a free meal I reckon.

Anyways, went to Papa John at Tropicana City Mall yesterday night for dinner.

Wasn’t really hungry so we ordered

A Vanilla Float

The Cheese Bread

Mushroom and Chicken Pizza Pocket

and the Baked Cheese Rice.

The food was ok, my fav dish of that night was def the cheese bread but it was all good coz we didn’t had to pay for the meal.


Well, here’s the reason

the Bcard!

What is it?
Well, pretty much a card that helps you accumulate points(Collected through shopping in the participating outlets)

and then using the accumulated points as credit to pay for your purchase=)

So for every ringgit you spend in these outlets, you collect Bpoints, which can then be redeemed at the participating outlets.


So far, theres about 250 participating outlets including my oh so favourite starbucks and borders=D

Best bit?
There’s no annual fee!

To sign up, you can either drop by any of the participating outlets and sign up their form, or log onto Visit for more info!