So the people who knows me, knows I have a very unhealthy obsession for makeup products.

So the other day I thought.
Hey, I’ll give myself a challenge.

If I had to survive on 2 different elements of makeup products.
Just 2.
What would it be?

Well I came to a conclusion that it would be
A good bb cream and mascaras
I have horrible eyebags.
So I def need a good bb cream
and sadly, my asian gene has left me with nearly with really short, if not nearly non existence eyelashes.

My pick for the bb cream
Matte BB liquid by Heroine Make, Kiss Me
Reason: Lightweight, non greasy and best bit? It contains SPF! 
Note: I have an oily/combination skin

erm, before*shudder*

Def need to fix those eye bags.


The application of the bbcream was really easy on the skin. Was absorbed really easily by the skin and it did leave a very nice, non greasy texture after application. Yup,the bb cream is def suitable for an oily/combination skin. Only thing is I think the colour of the foundation is a little too light for my skin’s liking

Focusing a little more on the eye bags area


So step 1, DONE!

And for Mascaras.
My Pick: Heroine Make Mascaras by Kiss Me
Reason: I’d be crazy not to pick these as my mascaras. Just keep reading!

I know It’s 2 products, but I really REALLY couldn’t decide which one I like best coz I absolutely ADORE these mascaras!!

Long and Curl Mascara
Contains polymer fiber that lengthens your eyelashes by 120% =)

Volume and Curl Mascara
Slightly a little different than all other mascara formulation coz they contain volume wax to give maximum results

Note how different both wands are for the mascaras.
Both mascaras are said to be waterproof.

Applying it

Applied 2 applications of EACH mascara.I just LOVE how the mascaras DON’T clump!!!

The results are obvious. You can tell which one has the mascara application immediately.

And now for the test.
I was pretty skeptical about the claim. I mean, how much of a water/sweat/smudge proof a mascara can be right?


10/10 for being a waterproof mascara!
Bloody satisfying.

The mascaras are now one of my must have list in my makeup pouch=p

Yup,So point proven about the mascaras.
which leads us to the next question.

“Erm….how exactly do you remove it?”

Kiss me actually do have the Mascara remover wands for easy mascara removal.

All you gotta do is just apply it as how you would when you apply your mascara.

then WAIT.

Just wait.
Well just about for a minute =)

Have your cotton pads ready?


Just tooo easy=)

All products available from most leading Watsons and Sasa outlets=D