• Erm.. I’ve never had my nails done professionally so I’m kinda a sad case 🙁

    Never know the existence of that thingy from Watson to dot your nails neither 🙁

    One question, I’m a right hander. I can do my left hand nails but I simply CAN’T do my right hand nails. How?

  • Merryn,
    yeah, it’s just normal Q-tips by Watson. I really like them tho, the shape of it just works so much better than regular q-tips!

    Practiceeee! I was pretty bad at painting my right hand at 1st but I think after a few more tries you’ll get the hang of it (Alternatively you could get Ethan to paint it for you=D )


  • hey , yuki , im the gal who from dior sephora starhill , nice 2 meet you again , 🙂

  • Hey Evelyn!!

    Thanks for dropping by!
    I hope to see you start blogging soon too okay=D
    We will keep in contact okay=D


  • these look so pretty, i wish i could do these nails but im not allowed to have nail polish at my job 🙁

  • love these nails

  • Thanks Jade! Maybe you could try them during your holidays=D