Lipstick Haul

Heres a few lipstick product I bought a couple of days ago from Watson!

From Maybelline

My personal fav would have to be the plum-tastic! Love the colour and it’s really easy to apply too!=)

The swatch

Also got 2 lipsticks from Revlon

Love love love strawberry shortcake. It’s a really pretty pink. Doesn’t last the whole day but it’s pretty easy to reapply so I generally wouldn’t mind it=)


And my recent favs body massage oil
Super soothing! Best used if wanted an awesome sleep!

  • I love Lip Sticks too! I see you got the Strawberry Shortcake and Macaroon. Thinking of trying Maybelline’s lipsticks. 🙂

  • You should! I really like the formulation of their lipsticks!

  • how to use that massage oil? Just like apply lotion?

  • I have revlon lipstick too! love the colours!

  • Choi Yen,
    You can yeah, just use it like a lotion pretty much!(Just in smaller amounts)
    I actually sometimes add a lil of it on my hair serum=p

    I KNOW! Im absolutely loving their lipsticks!