I sure love Japanese food for lunch.
Not too heavy, but yet a good tummy filler before I head back to work.

Was invited to Sagano Restaurant at Renaissance Hotel just the other week.

Sagano Restaurant is located at Level 1, West wing.

In conjunction to the 16th Anniversary Dining Delights at Renaissance KL, they’ve presented us with an assortment of 16 intriguing sushi, sashimi and singnature dishes for lunch and dinner.

The place is really quaint and pretty, perfect if you want to have a lunch meeting!

They even have VIP rooms if you do need that privacy

Started our meal with Edamame

and compliments from the chef=) super yums

Chicken with some vinegar-ish sauce. I’m generally not a huge fan of chicken, but I loved this! so yumms!

Sushi time!

Had some of their signature dishes and I must say I really enjoyed it!

Prices for each plate RM 16
Chicken meat with vegetable soup

Fish flake clear soup with fried tofu

oooh I love the tofu!

Slipper lobster meat soup with red bean soya paste

I’m personally not a huge fan of prawns but this was pretty decent too

Sautéed prime beef roll on enoki

My fav!!
Enoki mushrooms are such love! and I gotta say, it’s pretty creative in terms of presentation wise!

3 grilled oysters topped with japanese mayonnaise

I personally would prefer my oysters raw drizzled with tabasco=p but if you guys are not a huge fan of raw stuff but love oysters, why not give this a try=)

Grilled California roll with homemade mayonaise

We had 2 plates of this pretty baby, nuff said! Generously drizzled with salmon roe. such loveeeeee

Special seasonal fresh sashimi and sushi moriawase

and a colorful dish to end the meal
At first look I thought it was desserts! then i realised, hmm can’t be right but man, how good does it look right!

They do buffet lunch too!
so for those buffet lovers, at the price of RM79++, why not try having lunch there from Monday to Friday!

Please do reservations at
03-2162 2233 or email them at rhi.kulrn.fb@renaissancehotels.com