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Re writing this post the 2nd time

Anyways, I was invited to dinner at Cafe Takahashi the other day

Place is located in Tokyo Street, Pavillion.
Cafe has heaps of pretty cool plates lined up in the glass panel so you won’t miss the place

I do have to apologize in advance for the poor photo quality. It was quite dark so my photos came out quite grainy =(

Anyhoo,Started our dish with appetisers
Bacon with lychee

Unique combination much? I thought it was pretty yums

Hotate Mentai

You know what they say, you can never have too many pizzas

Takahashi Pizza with Hand Tossed Dough

I actually quite liked the pizza, yes it’s bananas you see! Def recommend it to those dessert pizza lovers. Wasn’t overly sweet and it had cheese so it was like sweet and savoury combination of a pizza

Smoked duck with Thin Crust pizza

I loved the thin crust! def for the duck lovers

or mushroom soup!

Creamy mushroom soup for the win!

What, you like Unagi? ok no worries, try this instead
Unagi with egg with Wafu Udon!

And to the rice lovers out there

and those who wants a fusion of italian and asian can try this
Kamo Konsei Al Olio

Smoked duck with Aglio Olio=)

Ebi Surprise.

Man, it was a surprise for sure. Everyone stop eating when this dish was served. I mean, look at the size of that prawn!

My fav dish for the day!
Teriyaki Beef burger

The patty was SOOOOO GOOD so so yums!

What time is it? Yup dessert time!

From Top left:Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Milano
From Bottom left: Matcha Azuki Parfait,Matcha Tiramisu

Loved the matcha Azuki Parfait!

Level 6, Tokyo Street
No 6.24.1B Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2163 6454
Fax: 03 2143 9454


Anyways, my look for that night,

Have you hyped yet?

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