It’s here it’s here!

Finally found a book that is about the same as the Perth entertainment book!

Incase you guys don’t know, Perth Entertainment book is a book filled with vouchers, like heaps and heaps of vouchers for all sorts of stuff( mainly restaurants) that you can use when you head out.

Thrifty and handy book for us students/ people who are constantly trying to find a good bargain for food!

Boy, I was pretty excited when I found the malaysia version of the book!
I mean, yeah I know food is cheap here but when you’re earning in Ringgit(Malaysian Currency) the food actually does quite amount to quite a fair bit of your monthly budget!

So anyways, this book,
Worthy BookTM F and B Special Edition 2012-2013

Nom Nom Nom Can I please eat this book? Looks yummy!

Worthy book came along and I thought it’s a pretty awesome book to have!

The book contains vouchers featuring 57!! Brands of restaurants and F and B franchises in KLANG VALLEY.

All the information of the restaurants are also on the book so no more omgosh what is the phone number of the restaurant, where is the place and so on probs.

Also comes with editor reviews, so pretty useful if you are keen to try out new stuff but not willing to take that much of a risk or don’t know what to order.

All the vouchers are valid till 31st March 2013, which is about half a year from now so that’s pretty cool right! ( Except for the vouchers from Shogun, Saisaki, Subway, Mochi Sweets, Bee Cheng Hiang,Meet Fresh and Share tea)

If you aren’t too sure about what they offer
The voucher types are as followed
-Absolutely free meals( No strings attached)
-50% off
-Buy one free one
-Free upsize
-Free 2nd item
-Free Membership card
-Cash Vouchers
-Other types of discounts.

Also the vouchers covers in most major shopping complex around Klang Valley
-Sunway Pyramid
-other major shopping malls in KL

You can either buy the book from the following retail
MPH, Times, Borders, Popular, Kinokuniya, My

I’m currently excited to try out these few places with the book! Always look forward to these places!
-Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka
-Boost Juice(I’m just happy they have it in the book)
-Sushi Tei

The book is priced at RM29.90 , Such a steal right?
So what are you waiting for=D