We all know water is important.
We need it for health reasons,
survival reasons and etc
but I’m sure you guys know that water is an important element to have when you want a really pretty skin ya

Often we have the misconception of oh hey, my skin’s oily, can’t be lack of water. But just because the skin’s oily doesnt mean it’s hydrated. Constantly staying in air conditioned room aggravates the skin to secrete more oil and our skin, being constantly in air conditioned places actually gets more dehydrated!

I was offered to give a this Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage by Cres a try.
It claims that our skin will be highly moisturized and last for days after the treatment.

I took the treatment course at Cres Wellness in the Gardens and I have to say the place is strategically located. All I had to do was to park at Zone U or Premier’s parking and you’ll come out straight to the centre itself. I hate having people see me right after I’ve had my facial, it’s always so embarrassing with the redness from the facial treatment to remove blackheads and pimples and what not.

Heaps of steps for this treatment, All I could remember was the lady who did mask after mask for me. Felt so pampered!
I was actually quite excited when they told me they were gonna apply ampoules for me.I’ve heard heaps that people use it before they put on their wedding makeup before they take their wedding photog and it’s like a must for them because it helps hydrates the skin heaps!
Then Cres used some machine to literally pump in oxygen into my skin, I apologize for my jakuness but it’s been ages since I last had a proper facial!
Like everyone, I loved the yoga lymphatic drainage massage

Left:before picture(Don’t mind my makeup-less face)
Right: After Picture

As you can tell, the skin does look heaps more hydrated and it did stay for a good few days! I however have to say I didn’t quite like the moisturizer they used on me!
I mean, after all the mask, then a moisturiser was a little of an overkill for my skin.
I had a small breakout after the facial but the lady told me that it was normal as I had impurities prior but apart from that, after all the breakouts has subsided I have to say my skin is in a better condition in general.

so I’d def would recommend it to
People who are constantly sitting in offices
People who generally loves facials

And for those who have oily skin, maybe go easy with the moisturiser,

Oh and did I tell?
Hope over to their facebook page for more gifts and surprises!