So the other day, Don invited a couple of people to this really cool fashion show sponsored by Samsung
It was the MODA 22nd Anniversary and we are gonna go celebrating it in style!
Took the arvo session as I was busy that night, but before that, we decided to head down to TWG for food!2 hungry ladies is a combination for destruction

TWG. I love this place to bits! a good wide selection for teas so it’s such a win place for me! plus the place is amazing for photog!

Ze very pretty Sui Ying

Love her smile!

And me of the day. Love the top I bought from Bangkok. Such a sparkly top. Decided to use a bright coral lipstick to brighten up the whole look as my outfit  color theme was pretty dark.

Of course not forgetting the sparkly nails I did a few days ago, normal purple nail polish with a glitter top coat does wonders!

We both ordered the same thing, scrambled eggs

Came with bread

The scrambled eggs were done so well! not too dry, creamy, and with the truffle oil it was just.
yums! We loved it!

Wasn’t really in the mood for sweets so we decided to skip on desserts

Now that our tummies were filled, it is time for the fashion show

This session includes 10 young designers to present a collection of 3 outfits that best celebrates innovation.
and of course, showcasing a design for the case cover for the new S3!

I’ll start off with the ones I’m less keen on. Guess it’s just not really my kinda thing.

The photo at the bottom(below this bright color themed costume photo) designed by Rhea Benson was the winner for the whole night! Still, not my cup of tea.

And some of the other ones

And now it’s time for me to show you my fav of the collections!
These were one of it! look at the details on the skirts!! SO so so so so pretty! I loved the minimalistic concept. Would so wear them out if i get the chance too!

and needless to say my fav would still be the colorful ones!
I’m very sure Vicky would agree with me on this! The colors, the butterflies, it’s so nature-ish inspired, def something I could relate to the S3!

And ending the post with my OOTD

Have you hyped yet?