Photolog Tuesday

And it’s time again for photologs!
My fav weekly post!

some photos I’ve taken in my previous holidays in London, China and the states

I really miss London tho
but before that let me introduce you guys to my very good looking+amazing brother=)

Wu Zhen,China

and the states

Often we say that we’re
waiting for opportunities,
waiting for a miracle
waiting for a change.
Is it worth waiting though?

or would it be better if we stop waiting
and start reaching out to our dreams instead.

Have a great week people!

  • All your photos are completely awesome and breathtaking. What camera are you using by the way? I saw your tech gadgets just want to confirm with you. =D

    Are you friend of Victoria Willie?

  • Hey Diana!
    Yeah I’m friends With Vicky=) Do you know her too?

    Thanks for the compliment! Means heaps to me! I took the photos using my 1000D canon, but the photos in London are taken using the Olympus EP Pen1

    Hope that helps=D

  • Vicky is my secondary school classmate =D… Hahaha.. When I stumbled upon your blog, I felt like I ever saw your before. Then I spotted you in Vicky’s photo..The world is really small leh.. =D

  • very nice photo! especially the old building that selling the technology stuff – Apple shop! LOL

  • Gorgeous and stunning photography! I love the composition of your photos. The post processing is subtle and gave the right feeling! Indeed a potential pro photographer in the making.

  • love your shots..always makes me think i should plan for a holiday

  • Thanks guys!=)