So I’ve had an amazing week.

2 days of public holiday, then after a day of work, got an invite from Don Chan to attend Belverdere’s at the Pool=D OF course, was super anticipating it, nothing beats hanging out with awesome people.

Before that, here’s a pic!

Erm..yeah…Will explain more about that balloon(which is still in my car) later.

So the place was held in The pool, Jalan Ampang.
When we arrived, the place looks super super blue! My Fav color!! and with bubbles and balloons all over the place, it was just WOW

Brought my Samsung WB150 out with me. Love the camera functions!
It can connect to WIFI which means you can upload the photos directly from the camera. And with the in camera editing program, you can pretty much edit the photo on the spot and then upload it straight to a few social media sites!
Convenient max!

To be really honest, I love how small and compact the camera is, the flash doesn’t wash me out too much which is always a plus for nighttime photography!

Here are some images from the camera I took that night with flash
without editing.

Clockwise:Nate,Michelle,Kar Mun, Sarah

I’m not a fan of Vodka, This I have to admit. I’m usually more of a Tequila person.
But hey, gotta still try it right,
and I’m glad I did!

Unlike the usual Vodka that has that…hmm, how do you put it…Vodka-ish taste, this is sweeter.
I prefer the Vodka mixed with the cranberry mixer though.

Started posing with the bottles,
oh yeah, Photos credit to Karmun coz my battery died after a little while(Shouldn’t have left the camera uncharged for 2 days, and with crazy usage of the camera too=.=)

More photos

Zana and Karmun

and of course

with Nate

Don with Zana

Super cute photo!

Then something happened!


yeah even if you did do that do me, There’s not much I can do!

Well, we were pretty bothered by it,
What should we do,

what should we do?

Don has an idea!

Look, maybe this might help?


Okay, look at Karmuns smile=D

So a glass for each,

Here goes nothing

and erm if you haven’t guessed it already,
it was our attempt to get those pretty balloons,
we kinda stole borrowed the balloons

It was a risky one,
hence this picture

and it worked!

Zana is happy

I mean,How can you not be?
these balloons are superly cute!

and a photo to end the night

I’ve had an amazing night! Good company and good drinks is seriously a no fail equation for an amazing night!
Thanks again Don for the invite and can’t wait till next time=)

Till then=)