Feel the Difference!
Hah, those who have me on facebook would know that I’ve been posting about this event like crazy last week!
Really felt the difference man, for once I was actually really looking forward to paaartay!
perhaps the week stress was too much=p

Anyways, my makeup for that night!
Decided to stick back to my usual red lipstick and eyeliner look=)

The event was held at Black Magic, Voodoo Club KL, was my very first time there! Pretty lights ftw!

heh, and it was also the first picture Naomi took with her new haircut! I super super love her new haircut!

Well, my +2 came pretty on time, and if anything they did surprised me with their outfits. Can’t believe they came in the same dress without actually planning it. Talk about being best friends=p

And of course, not forgetting my super awesome bf and the bf’s bestie.

And a group photo while we are still sober=p

Headed in and the place is already filled with super pretty laser lights. Well, being the girl I am, obviously distracted for a good few minutes by the lights.

Then only decided to take photos of the place. Cozy area all booked out for the event invitees. Talk about being special!

Event started pretty soon, our pretty MC, very soon introduced Jin Hackman & Vandal on stage

The very spontaneous rappers managed to rap their way through without having time to prepare in advance. It was all on the spot stuff, so man,guess that’s pretty wicked(Honestly, I’m still not too much of a big fan of the rapping stuff=p)

HOWEVER, there was a very interesting guy they invited on stage . HE WAS SUCH AN AMAZING BEATBOXER!!
like WOW
WOW. HE sounds…electronic! I know i know, i’m suppose to come up with a better description for a beat boxer but I just don’t realy know how else to put it. The guy just is super amazing!

And it was time for Elecolxhot!
Now I’m wishing I took a video of them because they executed their routine so well!
It’s actually my very first time seeing them perform live, before this I’ve only seen videos and trust me, watching them perform live is pretty cool

and the fellow people that makes the night so much more interesting and fun!

And of course after a few drinks the guys started to loosen up

And well tipsy people take tipsy photos, sunnies from Sam insanity.

And my super cool buddy, Ah Bok was there to join us for the night =)

And of course the pretty ladies of the night.
Karmun, Zana, Samantha and Vivian

and hmm let’s see what too much alcohol can do=p

Well, it’s pretty obvious that we only get to live life onces(unless you are some person who does get to live life twice, if so please do comment below because I would love to know some secrets=p), but I am glad that my life are filled with people like you guys. Amazing friends=)

We are generally quite busy with our own personal stuff, whether it’s work or well, other stuff, but when we do have time to spend together, I have to say, it’s def a unforgettable one!

And managed to steal a photo with Vandal.(I’m already pretty whooooa by this photo) I remember climbing up the stage just to avoid passing through a pool of people who was also trying to take a photo with him..hmm maybe I should lay off drinking so much beer =.=

and just before you think the night is about to end,
You are def in for another surprised.
Laser lights with cool dance moves.
defo laserdary…legendary..laserdary..geddit?
Okay maybe not=p

Andddd perhaps my most anticipated moments(don’t judge me, I’m sure all guys were hoping for the same thing that night) was to see the very hot DJ Mari Ferrari!!
Man she’s got moves.

and with crazy music, and maybe a little too much drinks, you get
crazy people/crazy photos.

I’m still laughing at these photo coz they are pretty out there stuff.=p

And we weren’t the only ones finding the music hot that night.
Guess who went up on stage

yeah, hah, I have to say it was a really crazy night.

Ended the night with my this particular memory of me sitting outside the club waiting for Nate to pick the car up. While waiting, there was this dude beside me whom I’m quite sure had quite a fair bit to drink

Yuki: Hey, I’m tipsy, you tipsy too?
Random guy: Yeah, I’m tipsy, you too?
Yuki: yeah I’m tipsy.

I’m not even gonna bother explaining so yeah.

Had heaps of fun, def felt the difference.
Thanks Don for the invite! Another amazing night to add into the “Stories to tell when you are tipsy” list.

Much love,