So recently I’ve watched 2 videos,
One with the one where the husband was abusing his 19 year old wife, and the other one being recently removed after sparking much controversial

IT did however got me thinking. I mean I don’t really meet much people like that. All the guys I’ve got in my life are really very decent and if anything superly nice.

SO what do I appreciate from a guy

Well, that said, Chivalry is a must.

However, I don’t agree on what she said on how Chivalry is dead.

I have friends around me(Almost all in fact) who treats girls amazingly.
When we do go shopping they tend to always walk beside us or making sure that everything’s all ok, when we wear heels they walk slowly to accomodate to the speed we are walking to and most my friends usually offer to help carry my bags(lady handbags) too!
I think all guys should act like a gentlemen but I also do think that girl should always appreciate the gesture.

Well, with the grooming, I mean don’t really expect them to be all glam and fashionista and stuff like some of my friends but I’d say most my friends groom themselves pretty well.
Clean neat looking with maybe not the fanciest clothes but hey you can’t really go wrong with just a plain T shirt with jeans ya=D
I’m happy with a guy who just takes care of their appearance well
I do have to admit, I think guys who dress up well always does have + points!

Anyways, There are a few things that I absolutely CANNOT STAND from a guy,
Abusive ones.
Words cannot express how much I despise them. I don’t care for what reason , a guy should NEVER ever hit a girl. Call me sexist or whatever, I don’t care. I strongly believe (as much as it does make things/life much easier) Violence is never the way to solving a problem.

let’s see lets see what else.
Oh yeah, Vulgar ones.
I don’t appreciate it when guys, or actually girls who swear in every single possible sentence!
SO argh.

okay as you guys prolly would know by now, I’m pretty..random.
So most the time, it is super important that the guys are

yes patient.

I don’t know how Nate stands me, people say it’s heaps of patience hah I would have to agree=p

What’s your thought guys?
What are you must list from a guy?