Hair Chalk DIY tutorial

So me and Sui Ying decided to try with the hair chalk(Finally) and we’ve decided to kinda make a DIY tutorial since we’re at it

I don’t know where Sui Ying got her hair chalks but this website seems to sell them at a very good price


Love the colors dislike the after care.As much as it is good fun, I’d prolly not do it again. It does leave the hair really really dry after which I don’t really like and it was waaay to messy even after the it drying.
Leave a comment if you have any questions!

  • HIII

  • I have always wanted to try these out! But I heard they were pretty drying for the hair too.

  • HII Manzy!

    Carmen: yeah it does dry the hair a fair bit! I guess it’s only good for those one off events=)

  • Fun! I plan to get them too… hope it doesnt over dry my hair. :/ but thanks for the info.