So I attended a lingerie launch the other day. De Jouer to be specific, it’s a online store that sells lingerie at a very affordable price.

Lingerie launch, know what it means =D

Yes, I was also expecting hot girls in cute lil lingeries

Anyways, brought my new faithful sidekick Cotton along(Man you have no idea how much happier my shoulders were without the weight of a DSLR)

My previous camera didn’t had a video feature so I was pretty stoke to try recording something with this camera

After all, what better way is there to start taking videos than video-taping a lingerie show right

and I just had to put it to it’s ultimate test, taking videos in a low light condition. After all, I’m sure almost all cameras nowadays does pretty good videos during broad day light but when it comes to a low light condition the camera will fail to perform up to expectation.

Sui Ying attended the event with me,
arrived at The Venue(no seriously, the place was really called The Venue)
Interior decoration

and some cute lil survey they wanted us to fill out

Yours truly,

Anyways, the catwalk started and I was pretty happy with the photos that turned out using my camera, mind you the place was dark and I really was praying I could get a good shot with my camera without having to compromise with my picture quality.
I must say I’m pretty impressed

My fav most fav fav shot
She looks like a greek goddess!

And I love those stockings(or however you call it)

De Jouer pretty much means to play. So the whole idea of the lingerie line is to have fun with the lingerie so colors and laces, pretty things in general at a very affordable price.

Anyways, for those who are interested in the launch please check out De Jouer’s website for more details =)

SO the moment of truth, how did my video function on my camera performed?

Pretty darn good I’d say. Videos are in HD quality(again I have to remind you guys that this place was really really dark), you can adjust the settings and what not, captures sounds super well and most importantly(for me anyways) its that it does focus automatically(or manually if you’d want).

I will have to say tho that the camera takes a little time to focus(maybe because of it’s detachable lens) but when it does, it’s a clear video. Despite the low light condition the camera still did really really well so I’m def looking forward to bringing my camera out more now =p

Till then guys.