If my lil white owl were to be a queen, what would happen I wonder
BTW my lil owl name is roast goose(Don’t judge the name tyvm=D )

and in this case this lil owl has decided to be a girl coz well it’s cooler to be a queen=p

Prolly relaxing life away in her very comfortable table with her fav drink

Jaccuzzi baths

Such a good life she’s got =.=

and most likely gonna suntan away in her pretty lil bikini

sadly she’s still not a queen(maybe for a spilt sec she was)
But someone else was treated like a queen for a day!

All thanks to Audrey Lingerie,
They had a queen for a day competition where anyone who bought anything from Audrey above RM50 in the same receipt gets to join the “Queen of a Day” competition.
All you have to do is let your creativity loose and use their tagline “I Love Audrey” and you stand a chance winning for
A grand prize worth RM20000+ 1 night stay at the Villa+ RM1000 worth of makeover!
2nd price was a luxury handbag worth RM5000
3rd prize a designer watch worth Rm2000
4th Prize Luxury skincare and fragrances worth Rm1000
5th Luxury skin care, makeup and fragrances RM500

When I first heard this, the first question was..
I would have happily participated!!!
but ah well, was invited to be the one of the judges for that day to crown the winner!

So here are the entries

So we did our votes and guess who won!

It was really a super obvious win=p
and I voted for the winner too!

but cheng cheng cheng
Here’s the winner entry by Goh Lin Lin

Her explanation for the inspiration was really really good, at parts a little too much information but just really good in general! She has put in so much thought and I really really am amazed!

So yeah I guess even if I did participated I wouldn’t have won =(
neways here’s a photo fo me on that day

Guess I just have to go back to making my owl the queen
Think they make pretty good minions

I mean, a queen has got to have minions right=p

What about you guys? What would you do if you were to be crowned a queen for a day?