If you asked me what reminds me of Malaysia or to know who is a Malaysian,
Of course not mentioning our very amazing manglish =.= (no need lahhh and etc)

I’d def say its the food. I love food, true nuff I might not eat much, but I still LOVE foood.
and of course the food I know I can def find in Malaysia and not so much else at other places are

My very all time Nasi Lemak(Coconut rice)+Milo Dinasaur

And for those banana leaf lovers

Nasi Goreng Kambing(Fried Rice with lamb)

Kuey Teow

Asam Laksa

And who can forget the very yummy Tea Tarik?

So what do you love most about Malaysia?
Waaaiiiit! Don’t share it with me just yet coz I’ve got news for you!

Share it here!
Yuna(If you don’t know her already you can google her up) is looking for inspiration for her song and hey as Malaysians, I think it’d be pretty cool to help =D

So go on and draw away!
I did a drawing too!

I thought I did pretty well,=p
but incase you can’t figure it out,
thats a cup of teh tarik with a plate of sunnyside up on a table=p
Man, all those photos of food got me really hungry!