I know I’m always posting pictures of food on facebook(but seriously can you blame me?)

Anyways, Samsung has recently launched this really cool competition where you can join and win really cool different prizes.

Razif- Dinner for 2 at Prime Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
Adam C- Winning a signed Jersey
Sharifah- Winning an entire movie hall at TGV
Ernest- Winning Ernest’s masterpiece(should google him for his art drawings!)

It’s a no brainer to what I’d pick
Being such a sucker for nice pretty places, it would def be Razif’s competition that I will be participating in!

I mean, look at all these food photos( I stole them from their menu)

Drooling yet?
I am!!
Really wanna try out having dinner there man!

So how do you do it?
It’s simple
All you gotta do,is log on to
Click the artist you wanna join, then draw away.

Here’s a video Razif did for the competition
I found it really funny!

Kinda wished it wasn’t a drawing contest,
I’m ridiculously helpless at drawing so I stuck back with my I love you drawings with stickmen

PS: Join someone else’s group? If you guys are joining there goes my hopes of winning my dinner for 2 at the restaurant=p

PPS: I’m just kidding, join away and have fun!