We did a spontaneous trip just a few days ago to head down to Penang for 2 days, to support one of our local celebrity- Leng Yein. Well, it was a lil crazy but hey since the group were all heading down we thought it must be pretty good coz we will always have amazing company.

Started the journey just slightly past midday coz Nate and Nelson had to work. Beautiful weather, I’m surprised it didn’t rain one bit!

Our amazing driver for this trip
There was a slight traffic delay just after Taiping though, this truck must have been carrying scrap metals way too much than what he’s supposed to and well, yeah=(
Was really scary and it was a long 2-3km stretch of traffic and we were stuck there for about an hour!
finally got to our hotel at Flamingo by the Beach on Tanjung Bunga Merah
The hotel was pretty good! It was really spacious and for the night stay it was quite a comfortable place to be staying in.

As you can tell from the photo it had a beach just right behind the swimming pool so we were really stoked about the place.
Sunset was beautiful =D, and we got ready for the night.
Got my bikini from Malibu Beachwear, Really loving it!

The foam party was held in Hard Rock Cafe, was such a pretty hotel!

Well, I’m def gonna be getting the lagoon suites the next time I visit Penang. The rooms are linked to the swimming pool and aaahhh I just really couldn’t resist thinking how it’d be like if we did manage to book a room there( sadly it was all fully booked that week we were there)

so the foam party place itself,
maaan, I swallowed like a a mouthful of foam when I first walked into the place thanks to Nelson =.= and yeah was pretty bitter I shall say but anyways I’m gonna let you guys feast your eyes on the pretty girls who were all wearing bikinis that night

Nate on the other hand wasn’t too keen with the idea of actually being covered in foam so he decided to try swimming instead. I joined him after a little while, it was really tiring trying to walk around the foam after a little while.
I didn’t realise how much I missed swimming tho, I’ve always liked night swimming because it is much quieter of a swim but always conflicted because I love swimming under the sun.

So we swam and swam and swam, and got really hungry so that prolly explains our faces=p

kso a last photo with Zana before we headed out for supper!

Karmun and Aris brought us to this place for some indian food! Sure enough the place really had people lining up(Beratur means to queue up) shortly after we arrived and the queue was REALLY LONG!
Group photo =D
So what do you do after supper? Well second round supper of course!
Headed to this other place that sells more traditional chinese kinda supper.
I was already stuffed by then so I happily just had drinks but Nate really wanted the law mee.

After we were all well fed and watered, we went back to rest.
The morning we managed to wake up relatively early. Got really excited because this meant we had more time to wander around the beach!
Awesome company=) 
Then after our morning stroll we got(yes I know) hungry again, so we headed out for breakfast/lunch!

Again got the local cuisine, Asam Laksa, Oyster omelette, you name it!

Then we headed over for the oh so famous Cendol!
Look at the queue!!!

but man it was so worth it!

Who would ahve thought this bowl of Chendol would contain so much happiness!

and check out this lil cute thing of Ice ball

After desserts we drove back, and man was I glad to be home!
It’s been such a hectic weekend I was just so happy to be on my bed, happily eating some pizza that we ordered on delivery for a quiet Sunday night