Elsa makeup inspired tutorial

So I watched Frozen.
I had no idea what to expect but I fell in love with the movie. Its def took over the spot of my fav movie “Tangled” and I loved Elsa, who was the snow queen in the movie.
Infact, I loved her so much I decided to attempt her makeup look.. Obviously it will still be an inspired look because I do not have platinum blonde hair like she does and I probs will never ever look like a animation character lol. It was fun tho, here’s the video and some photos that I took with the makeup
If you’ve not watched the movie seriously, you have to watch it..especially if you’ve enjoyed the movie Tangled. I am so in love with the show I can’t wait to rewatch it(call me crazy haha) and get the bluray when it’s out!
Just thought I should show you how Elsa looks like if you’ve not watch the movie

She’s super gorgeous right right right!! Ahhh if only i could look a tinny bit like her that’d be so damn awesome!
PS: I have hair extensions clipped in for this video, my hairs not that long just yet =p

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

  • wow, beautiful. not yet watch this movie though.


  • Oh Sherry, you should really go watch it if you can find time! I loved it! You’ll really enjoy it too if you’ve previously have enjoyed Tangled!

  • Quite impressed with the camera you used to film the tutorial man …
    Auto-focus and quite fast.

    rom FrankieRoseUni

  • wow, so beautiful! 😀

  • Looking lovely, Yuki! Like your hairdo too ((((: I have yet to watch the movie though, been bugging my friends to go with me HAHA

  • nice makeup!

  • Love your make-up tutorial!
    You made it look so easy!
    I have not watched Frozen, will wait for the DVD to be out so that I can enjoy with my kids repeatedly. =D