Sally Hansen Triple Shine Giveaway!

Ever had that feeling?
The one where you want to have your nails painted, but the thought of even having to apply base coat, nail polish then top coat just makes you wanna forget about it? Well that’s how I feel most times with my nails HAHA. Probs not a very good idea but that’s also why I always always just end up putting just the color without top and base coat.

Oh btw, did you know, that constant typing on the computer will also result in chipping on the nail polish? Yeah, just thought you should know that too haha
I recently had the very much honor to be invited again to Sally Hansen’s workshop, if you haven’t read my last blogpost about it, you should(CLICK HERE) because I’ve had all info on it. Sally Hansen recently came out with a Triple Shine nail polish with some of the best technology for a nail polish in a bottle.
It’s got Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E (protect those nasty detergent harm), Natural crushed pearls, sea-kelp extract and vinyl silicone to give that shiny color and iridescence shine ,and of course their patented gloss tech brush to create a perfect swipe. They’ve got 12 colors atm and I’ve got my hands on the following 4!

I love how they turn out, you only need a solid 2 coats to achieve a beautiful opacity and best bit? You don’t need a top coat either!
Worried bout the application? Like i mentioned previously, the patented brush is here to help! I absolutely love it because even painting my right hand now is heaps easier!

ok enough talking, so instead of doing the normal swatch, I’m just gonna do a quick tutorial yeah. I think it’s really easy to work with the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polishes just because they turn out so glossy at the end you can skip the top coat which makes the whole nail polish layer less thick
2 layers! I absolutely LOVE this color!

but yes, no back to the tutorial, all you gotta do is get your based color done, then you apply a different color just like this, doesn’t have to be a straight line don’t worry

Then fill it up!

Then if you have a dotting tool, use it but if you don’t, grab something small and round, like a toothpick to help aid the next step

and all you gotta do, is dot the sides with the opposite color

and yeah that’s it, easy huh!

Alternatively, you can always do a simple layer and dot just 2 or 3 dots on the nails

Simple, really and they always look really good

and just for fun, if you are feeling a little buggy, or if you just want abit more colors
Trust me, creating a reverse manicure is so easy with the brush applicator hah

but yes, go creative, go crazy because  you only get one chance in life

So yes, like the last time, I’m doing a giveaway again! I’m gonna be giving away 2 bottles EACH to 2 winners and you’ll be walking away with the color Dive In(the pretty robin’s egg color) and Vanity Fair, which is a beautiful grape/purple color
All you gotta do is
1. LIKE Sally Hansen Malaysia FB Page
2. Fill in the following sentence

I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because

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Contest ends on the 19th June 9PM

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  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I love nail polish, I fall in love using them, so fast to dry and love the colors.

    Facebook User Name Sherry Go
    Email Address

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I’ve tried them once and Oh My Goodness! They are just MAGNIFICENT! The colour pay off are just so bold, bright and pigmented. They have a really good mix of varieties from super classic Breakfast with Tiffany colours to the super bright 80s punk style! Their big thick brush is amazing as always, never fail to allow beginners to easily layer those polishes on with perfection. How can I forget about the super glossy finishing, gives such a professional salon feel to a home DIY nail parlour. Plus, the last time I tried Dive In, it lasted on my nails for a whole week without chipping. I really need these Triple Shine Nail Polishes especially the beautiful Dive In.

    Facebook User Name: Jq Lee

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I’ve always been pretty conservative with my nails and entering mid-year, which is the month of ALL happening events (FIFA, Birthday month… woohoo!, holiday trips and etc.) I need Sally Hansen’s help to beautify and bring life to my dull nails! These colors from their latest collection is amazing, and exactly what I need!

    FB username: Sui Ying Khoo

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I always love to have colours on my nails however, the shine of my current nail polishes only lasted a day or two which is quite sad. I believe the Triple Shine nail polishes would have their shine on longer and I can flaunt my well done manicure without needing layers of top coat yet still maintaining everlasting shine. The colours from their latest collection are just the colours I adore – bold colours.

    Facebook Username: SERAH LIM

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because its will definitely brightens up my day!

    Facebook Username: Ju Li

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I want to use it during my cousin’s wedding. I want try to DIY with its colors 🙂

    kien mei

  • I need Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Polish because I change my nail colour every week and being a nail polish addicts (ahem i got 70 bottles at my backyard) I just got to try out this one too when you said TRIPLE SHINE – do you mean people from far away land also can see the shine :X And the Dive In shade looks fabulous!

    Jess Lee