This time last year, I was braving through the boxing day crowd in London, it was insane mind you, and I’m glad I’m not doing anything similar this year.
I thought I’d do a quick year recap for 2014 since well, we are nearing the end of 2014 anyways.
Last year, I didn’t quite had much time to think about it because I was busy preparing myself to Paris and Amsterdam.

Tu me manques Paris, quite a fair lot actually.

Let’s see, this year I found myself taking alot more photos of food.

But I guess the most significant change is that I realized I’ve been traveling alot more this year, not so much with company but mostly alone this year, just walking to places,finding out new places at familiar spots. I swear my feet hasn’t been as bruised and blistered ever in my life

Walked through alleyways.I’ve got to say, though the amount of me jet setting has been a fair lot but the countries I’ve been too are always the same, still it amazes me so much that I still manage to find something to surprise me at each visit.

Sat at pretty cafes watching the crowd walk past me. Finally manage to unlearn how to be a little less internet addicted this year too.

But I guess apart from those stuff, I was glad despite the great reduction of time I’ve spent on social media, I still manage to grow closer to some old friends.

I went back to Perth twice this year, a place I can never get sick of, a place where my heart feels at ease.

I don’t quite know how to explain this but despite growing up in Malaysia,I can’t quite explain why I feel more at home in Perth. It’s like you feel like you are back in your own comfort zone. The beach, the waves and the sunshine, everything just feels right, everything just feel thats how things are to be.

I also picked up a few habits along the way, some, are totally unexpected. One of them would be the habit of drinking coffee. I never thought I’d enjoy coffee, yes I love the smell of coffee but I never thought I’d get used to the taste of it. Somewhere sometime in Perth I started drinking it(mainly coz Tom makes super good coffee too)

Also revisited a few states within the country.Still absolutely inlove with Penang.

And now I’m working in Singapore. To be honest, I’m not sure how long I will be here for, or what 2015 holds for me. If there’s anything I’m certain of, is that the future is always filled with uncertainties.

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