oh the horror

Gosh, I’d never think finding a place to rent in Singapore can be so darn difficult
I’ve been scouting for the past 2 weeks and it’s been so difficult to even find a unit that we are completely happy of.
So after a few fail attempts on the house viewings, D was kind enough to pick me up for dinner to take my mind off the house viewings. I apologize for the blurry photos. Crazy low light conditions
We had dinner at The Ranch,

and couldn’t resist having some alcohol. I def needed alcohol to wash down the shock I’ve had through viewings and D had a beer to celebrate his new job,

I know I’m at a steak house but I just really couldn’t resist not ordering Nasi Lemak. I seriously can’t believe I’ve not had nasi lemak for at least a good few months and it’s really quite depressing if you ask me

and once we were done with dinner, we went to Symmetry for coffee where I thought the mood of the photos kinda explains how I’m feeling right now.


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  • Did you get an agent, I think that easier and better option in Spore. Good luck dear! Try those facebook page/group or even forums ya 🙂

  • Thanks sweets!
    I didnt get an agent(yet) coz they are quite expensive =( I’ve had quite a fair bit of options just the prices+location+condition of the house never seem to all have a tick at the same time!