Oh the comfort of shopping from home, but we all know it sometimes it can be a little less interesting if you are just browsing through typical online shopping portals, click on pictures over pictures.

To be honest, as much as I love the convenience of our typical online shops, I still am more inclined to purchase something when I get to see a video, or if there’s a promoter to explain more about the product to me. and if you are the same, then you might want to check out Astro’s Go Shop platform! Recently launching their Mandarin Channel 318 (BM channel was launched in Jan 2015 on Channel 118 and was a massive success) It’s a 24 hours online platform, that is also on your local Astro network so just like your good ol TV shopping portals, it’s now on Astro channel 318 and comes with a 24 hours online platform so all your purchases are just a click away, or if you just seriously cannot be bothered to go online, pick up your phone and dial 1800-82-0088 to purchase over the phone, and have items delivered to you within 2-5 days or 7 days for outskirt areas. Too easy!
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若说网购,我觉得我还好(可就还是每次花了好多钱买些有的没的), 相比网购,我其实还真的蛮喜欢到百货公司逛逛的,感觉可以看到物品还是和售货员交流,还比较有真实感。可是啊,患有微微的人潮恐惧症的我,却因此很不愿意到百货公司购物了。
Astro 最近推出了一个电视购物平台哦,重点,这个平台还是中文平台哦~ 你若启开电视机按下 318 频道,就会看到Go Shop 新奇贩卖了。这平台可好了哈哈,简直就是为了我这种不想去百货公司购物,却还是要有多点关于产品资料的人设计了。 Astro Go Shop 卖的产品都是他们自己精挑细选的哦,所以货品质量你都可以放心去购买,最重要的呢,是产品都会有主持人介绍产品(完了,我这个月又要败家了)。你若看上喜欢的产品,只需要拨打 1800-82-0088,或预览 http://www.goshop.com.my 就可以把喜欢的产品购买下来,让Astro Go Shop 在2-5 日(郊外区需要7日)送到你家门口哦~
Go shop only selects the best of each product so you don’t have to worry about product quality, authenticity and heaps of other benefits such as good pricing, product bundling, return policy and warranties as well as free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia! Now that’s what I call good online service!
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So if you can always check out their channel on Astro 318 and online for what’s on air, having their host to introduce you the products and talk more about it before you make the purchase
Anyways, in conjunction to their chinese shopping platform debut, they had a event launch and I was ever so fortunate (thanks Manoah!) to be invited to the event. Guess it was also my lucky day because we have quite a fair bit of local celebrities attending the launch too!
哪天就有幸参与Astro Go Shop 的发表会,觉得自己还挺幸运的,毕竟当天Astro 请了好多国内艺人来参与呢~

The opening was pretty awesome, lion dance, wait no, lions that lit up in LED lights, how futuristic and pretty man! I couldn’t stop staring, and you gotta admit, all lion dances lions are mega adorable.

Astro Go Shop was also really awesome to have booths around the corner for us to try the products they sell in person! Being a makeup fanatic, my favourite was def the laneige counter, beauty makeover? Yeah why not
Astro Go Shop 也好细心,还把一些销售量很好的产品带到了现场让你试用。我嘛,就还是个化妆控,所以想都不想就直接跑到了他们的化妆台(我说啊,我也真的太好骗了吧)

And of course you just cannot not do selfies when you are with these awesome people. Introducing Jenny, one of the host on GoShop and she is in charge of the beauty items.
让我来介绍这位美女,这是晓晴,是 318 频道的主持人哦~ 化妆美容产品可是她的专长呀

And of course, photos with the 2 DJs of My FM! Jason Phang and Gan Mei Yan are both ambassadors for Astro Go Shop Channel 318 ! Selfies was made possible with Jason’s long hand, but seriously, how pretty is Mei Yan!
介绍了美女,很自然的也要介绍Astro Go Shop 318 频道的代言人了吧~ My FM 主持人 颜微恩和贾森。微恩可真是大美人啊~
And of course not forgetting the official photo with all the people behind Go Shop Channel 318!

and with a bloggers wefie HAHA。

To find out more about the Go Shop, hop onto your Astro Channel 318 or log onto http://www.goshop.com.my to find out more!
Go Shop is also on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ShopatGOSHOP
看完了我的部落格,记得上 Astro 318 频道或游览 http://www.goshop.com.my 或它们的面子书https://www.facebook.com/ShopatGOSHOP ,看看有什么喜欢的吧~

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