Foundation Tattoo |驻颜粉底

To be honest, I’ve not heard of this treatment before, I mean, yeah sure eyeliner tattoo, lipstick tattoo etc but really foundation tattoo? This was def new to me. Now I’m not usually one who applies foundation but I recently have been how it leaves my skin look after applying. So when I have time, I do really enjoy applying foundation before I head out of the house,that , or I at least need concealer before I walk out of the house

So when Mediva Aesthetics asked if I’d like to give their foundation tattoo treatment a try, I thought, ok sounds like it’s a plan that could save me plenty of time and since it was only one treatment, this treatment would last for a good 2 weeks(The full foundation treatment is a 10 session course and upon completion of the course, it will last for 1 year)
驻颜粉底这个字呀,对我而言绝对是新词。 画眼线,唇部的纹身我就还真的挺说过了,可是脸部粉底的纹身我还是头一次听说过了(话说啊,最近怎么爱美疗程越来越厉害了). 我自己本身不太爱打粉底,觉得皮肤本来就没什么太大的问题,可是若是出席场合,没抹上粉底的话,那个样子是憔悴得有点恐怖(没办法,自己没有天生丽质的说)。

Mediva Aesthetics 问我对驻颜粉底这个疗程有没兴趣的时候,说真的,我还心动了蛮多下的,毕竟想到虽然一次疗程效果就可以耐上两个星期(驻颜粉底疗程一次疗程效果耐上2个星期,要做差不多10次效果会耐上一年。

Mediva Aesthetic
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.48.04 AM
I drove to the place and found parking at the main parking zone and walked down to the clinic (the place is located right above Crazy Kopitiam (next to Uncle Jang).
那天开车去了Mediva, 然后就在隔壁的停车位泊位,Mediva 不太难找,就在Crazy Kopitiam 的楼上(Uncle Jang 韩国餐厅的隔壁)

Mediva Clinic explained the procedure to me, which to be honest I had plenty of questions to asked because come on, it was a foundation tattoo treatment, and if it was going onto my face, it was def something I’d make sure I’m sure of. After asking all my Q&A, I realised, it was a fairly simple procedure and I actually have nothing much to worry about
Q:Is it really foundation?
A: No, it’s actually really concentrated essence that after applying onto your skin,will make your skin radiate and glow as though you’ve applied foundation

Q: Is there different colors to the foundation essence?
A: One color suits all, again because it’s an essence, it is suitable for all types of skintone

Q: How long is the session
A: Around an hour to an hour half, including the face mask that will be applied after the treatment

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Nope, at times it was ticklish but def doesn’t hurt

Q: Aftercare?
A: Like all other treatment, make sure you keep your skin moisturized to maximize the results

问: 还真的是粉底啊?
答: 不是哦,其实是精华,所以驻颜的话不会让皮肤有任何负面的影响,这精华会让你的皮肤水水的,也有美白效果,所以才会有类似抹了粉底的感觉

问: 有不同的颜色吗?
答: 一个颜色而已哦,也因为是精华液,所以适合不同肤色

问: 疗程多久呢
答: 一个小时到一个小时半,因为还要敷面膜~

问: 痛吗?
答: 不会,可是偶尔还是会有点痒

问: 疗程过后要注意什么?
答: 好想其他的疗程,记得记得皮肤要保持保湿功课才能达到最佳效果哦

Products | 产品
So on the left you’ll see the items used for the treatment! The foundation look alike bottle is the foundation essence and the one on the right is a treatment essence to make your skin more glowy
Advantages of treatment: Evens out skin tone color, hides skin imperfection, has SPF and also helps control oil sebum and also helps block out the impurities from the air to the skin. A long term treatment will leave you having porcelain skin
Before | 之前
I think my skin’s quite ok apart from some uneven color and some minor pore problems.
Process | 过程

Results | 效果

Taken via Iphone

Taken via camera

Thoughts | 感言
I really really like the end results, yes there wasn’t a crazy significant change in my skin but hey it doesn’t even do that when I apply foundation but I love how my skin tone is so much more even after the application, and it really did brighten up my skin and under sunlight, whoa it’s just making me a very happy person knowing I’ve got no makeup on

Mediva Aesthetic
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Kuala Lumpur
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This is a sponsored post by Mediva Aesthetic. However, all comments and thoughts are my own in full honesty and I only ever work with brands and products I really trust and enjoy.
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