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Don’t think I’m doing a very good job starting this year’s blogpost but I do have a reason for it! I’m actually flying to Hong Kong in a couple of hours time and then tentatively Bangkok immediately after so I’ve had to do a little of a planning. I did wanna include a couple of places I’ve enjoyed over the past 2 weeks so here we go! 2017 is gonna be so exciting, plenty of flying and plenty of exciting adventures.
说真的,这个星期还算是很忙的一周,我过几个小时就要飞香港了,也可能过后就会飞去曼谷,所以很多东西还真的需要安排好。2017 年目前来看的话还算是蛮特别的,很多很刺激的行程,所以还真的蛮期待的。这两个礼拜去了蛮多咖啡店的,比较有好印象的就这两家

I’ll be back with a nice post I promise!I cannot wait for Hong Kong!