Lush Review

Lush, Bath and Body Products.

oh how I am so addicted to you.

So I’ve purchased a few quite alot of products from the Lush Shop recently

Not in any particular order.Most the products I pick have a very sweet scent than a fruity one so if you are a person who doesn’t like anything that smells too sweet, you’ll probably won’t like the soaps that I’ve picked.

Rock Star
Stay away if you dislike anything that smells sweet because this soap will attract ants. Initially I wasn’t attracted to it because even for me, the soap smelled really sweet. Wilson however, wanted to get it because he said he liked the scent and we ended up purchasing the soap. So he used it in his shower and damn the scent that lingers on his skin from the soap was to die for. It was no longer too sweet, but still strong for you to smell it if he was to walk past you. I always get him to sit beside me after he finishes his shower coz the scent is just so amazing

Figs and leaves soap.
The top bit is actually a part of a leaf.  The soap is surprisingly moisturising, I suppose the Aloe Vera ingredient does it’s trick. The scent reminds me of walking through a park in autumn,the smell of freshly fallen leaves and warm air. Love it!

Angels Delight

The reason why I bought the soap was pretty obvious,it’s so colorful! The scent is sweet, but not overpowering. It’s not a very creamy soap so if you dislike of oily feeling soap, this it the one to go.To be very honest, I like soaps that leave you feel all moisturise, but I just can’t stay away from this one because it just smells so darn good. oh and it’s got slight glitter in it too!

Spice curl 
-smells like your daily cup of good chai latte.nuff said.

Irredescent Glitter Bug
So this is the massage bar that I got from lush, reason was also pretty obvious, it has blue glitters in it!=)
I haven’t found a reason to use it yet(only because I don’t want to be walking out looking like a blue skin monster that shines), so till then.

Up you get emotibomb
 Shower bombs are an alternative if you haven’t got a bathtub at home. Place it at the corners of your shower and it’ll fizzes up and fill your whole shower with  yummy scent!This up you get emotibomb smells very citrusy, so I’d assume it’s great if you want to have a fresh start to the day.

Sex in the shower emotibomb
My favourite=) I can’t really put a finger to it but it smells very sensual.Love it!

The Boogg Bath Ballistic
Can’t wait to use it, can’t exactly give a review cause I’ve not used it yet but it looks pretty damn exciting from the demo I’ve seen in the stores. However, if you are looking for something that bubbles up your tub, I’d not recommand the bath bombs as they usually only fizzes.
Will soon post a video on it.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar.
Again, haven’t had a chance to use it but I’ve seen the demo for the bubblebar, unlike the bath bombs, these lil stuff creates a gazilllion bubbles so yay to more bubbles!

Once in a year massage bar
This is brilliant in terms of keeping your skin all moisturized, but if you’ve already have a very oily skin combination, stay away as it does leave quite abit of a oily feeling on your skin for some time.

Disclaimer: All comments are solely based on my personal preference.

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