Oasis of the Sea

oh yeah, this was taken in Heathrow Airport

and as I mentioned in my previous post, We were in Fort Lauderdale to board on our cruise

The 2nd largest cruise(only 1 feet smaller in size than it’s sister, Allure of the sea)-Oasis of the Sea

Man, the cruise was sure damn packed! Heaps of people and heaps of food!

There was heaps to do on the cruise but I think i must have underused the facilities as all I did was sleep and eat.

Our destinations were to the island in the Carribaens so I did manage to do some good snorkelling while we were on the islands, which I suppose was all the exercise I did while I was on the trip=p

Oasis of the Sea!

Central Garden

The Boardwalk

Our room

Balcony View

On the 2nd day, We arrived in Nassau, Bahamas!

I didn’t manage to take much photos as I was on a excursion to snorkel and as I was alone on the then, I didn’t bring my camera=(
But I did manage to take some photos of the lil town of Nassau

while walking into the town, there were some other cruises that were visiting the island too

On the 4th Day
Next Stop!Charlotte Amelia, St Thomas

Then in the arvo, we went snorkelling again.Waves were so rough that day it was pretty difficult to even swim! BUT I did see a sea turtle!

And at our very last island stop, we dropped by the ever so interesting St Martin!
This lil island, probably the smallest place of 2 nations. The Dutch and the French!

Took a water taxi into the city

It was such an interesting island, probably one of my fav islands of all 3 that we’ve visited.

Some towel folding art stuff our room attendant folded for us. cute!

I quite enjoyed the cruise, just kinda wished they made stops to much more interesting places. Charlotte Amelia in my opinion was a little waste of our time as there wasn’t much to see there.

Next post, Disney! Till then! xx

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