Le Soleil

Recent addiction

Soleil Tan De Chanel

So absolutely in love with this product!

I adore the consistency of it,looks mega natural, it smells good and best bit? I don’t even have to use that much to see a result= Cost efficient!

Swatch swatch

Went out with Ah Bok today for dinner.

My outfit of the day

Had dinner at Hokkaido restaurant? I can’t remember the name of the place eeks!

I swear I’m such a internet addict

and a mirror addict =p

wasn’t too hungry so we ordered

the curry rice

and the tofu

They have the exact same menu as Zanmai Sushi but Zanmai is always pack so perhaps it’s a good alternative to those who aren’t willing to wait in the queue for aeons!

Shall end the post with a candid shot

Photos of me credit to Ah Bok

So tell me guys,
What did you guys had for dinner today?

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