Here’s a Glenmorangie Story

Remember my previous post about Glenmorangie? If not *click*

I did say that Glenmorangie claims to have the most delicious and couple single malt whisky in the world.
so, they do take pride in making sure that the quality of the Glenmorangie whisky, is nothing but the best.well, i guess you could say its “Unnecessarily Well Made”

erm…”Unnecessarily Well Made”?

ok, let me explain a little more.
Glenmorangie taste prides themselves with having diverse and intriguing characteristic taste.They are the pioneer to have a “wood finishing” to the Glenmorangie whisky
The single malt whisky is matured in wooden casks, made out of white oaks that are grown on the Ozark Mountainsin Missouri, USA

Casks are only used twice to ensure optimal flavours extracted into the whisky.

These single malt whiskies are made in the tallest stills in Scotland.

16 Feet!! 5.14m!! Godness, and I’m sadly only 1.6m!
The first stills were installed all the way back 1843! wow!

This is why only the lightest most purest vapours are able to condense into spirit.for Glenmorangie

And it’s not just that thats awesome, even the water they use are the local spring water from the Tarlogie spring.
How pretty right!

Now that’s a unnecessarily well made whisky don’t you think!

So hmm, who’s up for some Glenmorangie?

From the 11th April to 1st May 2012, there will be a Glenmorangie SOUNDFORMFluid bar showcasing in North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, MidValley City
Make sure you come check out Glenmorangie’s “Unnecessarily Well Made” concept!

For more info, visit :

I’m gonna be there this Friday=D Join me!

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