Soundform Fluid Showcase and Afterparty!

Remember the Soundform Fluid Bar by Glenmorangie?

With the philosophy of “Unnecessarily well made” Glenmorangie officially unveiled their amazing sculpture bar by renowned architect and interior designer Philip Michael Wolfson.

The sculpture is inspired by the sonography of when Glenmorangie whisky is being poured into a crystal glass!
Pretty cool ey!

The much amazing singly malt whisky that has multilayered aromas and kaleidoscopic flavours.
I mean, how can you expect less from  a whisky that matures in fine oak cask and the purest form of spirit vapour from the tallest whisky stills in Scotland, not to mention it’s superiority of the ingredients too!

Read more about it **


Q and A time!

pretty Stella and her fiancé!

Ah Bok

and the guy behind the lens! Love his photography work!

It’s DJ duo Manufactured Superstars!

Malt Tasting!

MHB Girls !! *click click*

and it’s hello hello party time!

defo one of the best way to end the Friday Night!
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