The morning after effect

So yeah, my weekend stay at the Eastin Hotel

Such a great sleep on the comfortable bed..I mean, it feels like I’ve been sleeping for hours, but the room’s still dark, must be still early..

Should still be pretty early, nehoos, should go back to sleep..

hmm, why’s my phone ringing at this hour?

can’t be right, the phone says its 9.30AM.

but the room’s dark, can’t be right..

uh oh..

the curtains!!

So I realised I was late for my breakfast at the lounge! Bed’s too comfortable, not my fault!=p

headed up to 17th floor for the complimentary breakfast at the lounge that came with the room we had for the night.

The executive lounge was a very nice place for breakfast. Comfy armchairs are such a win!

Had such a great choice for breakfast.
Oriental style breakfast to western breakfast.
You can even order the usuals for breakfast on their breakfast menu.

Toast anyone?

I went for my usual healthy favs.
Yogurt and a nice cup of tea

Satisfied after having a decent breakfast, I went down to my room again, to sleep.

Refusing the leave the hotel close to mid noon, we did ask for a late checkout.
Can’t really blame us tho!
This place is just too good to say goodbye to!

Till next time Eastin, next time=)

For more information, visit

Eastin Hotel
13, Jalan 16/11,
46350 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7665 1111

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