Simplot Simply Good Meal with Chef Wan

Was invited by Simplot to one of their cooking workshop with Chef Wan

I guess I’ve always taken it for granted, spending the last few years in Australia, I was constantly exposed to these yummy frozen goodies, didn’t realise that it wasn’t available here till just recently!

Anyways, they recently came out with the new popcorn hasbrowns=D

We often worry about how frozen food can be less nutritions, but Simplot def makes their food a to go choice.
No cholesterol, no artificial flavours, no added preservatives and no artificial colouring so def a good choice of food for the children!

hmm, which one to choose from

Guess you can’t go wrong with potato hash browns!

Minestrone soup, add your hash brown popcorn in and it’ll bring the soup to a complete different level of yumminess
Just imagine!

Yummy cass with hashbrowns=D

Shrimp pancake with the potato hash browns. So yums!

Photo with the big chef=)

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