Samsung Galaxy S3 Media Launch

I love my gadgets.

I’ve been an apple user since at least 6-7 years now so I’m pretty oblivious to anything else unless it’s an apple gadget.

Until I got invited to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Media Launch last Friday.

I thought, hey why not right, let’s see what it’s got to offer.

LIVE orchestra playing it’s background music!!

Huge clear screen so everyone could see what’s happening on stage

They say the Samsung Galaxy S3 is inspired by nature and with phone designed for humans. To be completely honest, I had no idea what they meant by designed for humans. I mean, aren’t most phones already?

Anyways, They kick start the launch by having the managing director- Kwon Jae Hoon to telling us the new features of the phone.

Ok, now I’m getting more excited=)

The S3 focuses more on human centric, natural interaction and instant sharing. It is also inspired by nature so the design of the phone, even the very details of the phone such as it’s keypad tone is inspired by nature.Phone has also got a 2100 mAH battery which means a longer lasting battery life(yay I can play more games)

then comes the exciting bit

we all know we want this for our phones

So presenting the new features of the phone!

S Voice- Samsung’s version of Siri, but this time Malaysian friendly=D

S Beam- Transfer files by just touching another S3 unit without any cellular data(reminds me of the bump app but cooler)

Simultaneous tasking- You can watch your youtube clips or so while surfing the internet=) No need to pause, just pop the window to the side and you are ready to multitask. The quad core processor ensures that there’s no lagging while doing all your simultaneous tasking=D

and the feature that got me pretty curious

Smart Stay- You know how when you are watching something on your phone and the screen just decides to dim? yeah that’s really annoying isn’t it. Well smart stay pretty much is able to detect your eye motion and when you are reading your phone, the screen will maintain it’s brightness until you are done it=). Pretty cool huh!

I understood what they meant by designed for humans at this point.
All these features does enhance the user experience with the phone

but S3 doesn’t stop there,
there’s this thing they have that I thought was so amazingly cool.

I bet everyone has had an experience where they are texting their friends, and halfway through the texting they decide that it’s too tedious and wants to call instead?

Well by just lifting the phone closer to your phone while still being in that conversation window,the phone will know that you want to talk to that person and dials the number automatically!

now that’s cool!

By now I’m quite sold, I wanted to try the S3.

and yay! After the launch, they led us to this other super cool room that has all the new S3 models being on display.

THe phone is SO LIGHT!!!

Weighing at 133g, and only 8.55mm thickness, the phone is unbelievable! You could have given me the unit and Id think it’s just a toy phone coz it’s just sooo light!

Played around with the camera and oh my dear brownie the camera has an amazing quality and the speed of the capture is mind blowing(bye bye I-just-missed-that-moment picture)

Phone comes in 2 colors
Marble white and pebble blue

ok, NOW I want the phone!

but guess what! This lil baby followed me home that night(I didn’t phone-nap)

I was so privilege to be given a unit to bring one of these babies home to do a user review on it!

So stay tuned for my coming post coz I’ll be writing about my experience with the phone!

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