My affair with the Galaxy S3

Finally, the long awaited review for the Samsung Galaxy S3!

There’s so many things I want to talk about this phone so I’m just gonna cut the intro short and get right into it=D

I’m not a tech blogger so I’m not gonna go all technical into the phone because you can find all the specs they have on the Samsung’s page, and to be really honest, I don’t understand half of what it means on the written specs.

PS: I’m gonna be comparing the S3 with my Iphone 4S much because it’s the only other phone I’ve got. All opinions are my own.

Both phones I have has 16GB of an internal memory

First impression of the phone:
It’s a lil longer in length than the iPhone but slightly thinner compared to the iPhone 4s. The weight of both phones, however has a huge difference. Honestly my iPhone feels like an elephant as compared to the S3.
The screen is obviously also much bigger than the iPhone.

Both phone uses the microSIM card so not much of a prob for me to swap phones.

Syncing Contacts
Well, all my contacts are backed up from iTunes, So it doesn’t make much sense to plug my S3 into my computer to do a backup restore but my friends are kind enough to help me out with the syncing.

Google Sync
You could always back up your contacts onto your Google account and once you log into the phone, you’d be able to sync all your contacts back in. Too easy!

Of course, you can always do it the manual way(highly not recommend this if you have a gazillion contacts on your phone like I do)

Touchscreen sensitivity
To be honest, I find both phones touch sensor (almost)equally the same(In my opinion anyways). So yeah I guess I’ve got not much comments about it.

Screen clarity
Same picture on different phones. 100% Brightness, S3 color display mode on normal.

I personally think the S3 phone has a lil more of a blue-er hue than it does on the iPhone.

Ok, the S3 Camera function is AMAZING. There’s no lag time when capturing a photo, you can even take a photo WHILE you are taking a video. The front facing camera also takes much better of a photo in terms of quality. The only problem with the camera when taking a self portrait is pressing the shutter button on the screen!
I did a blogpost on this event where I’ve used the S3 to take the video and pictures *click here*

Like the iPhone, the S3 also has an app specifically for downloading apps. It’s call the Playstore. Works exactly the same like your Iphone’s app store

the S3 is def a winner!! I”m a heavy phone user, am constantly on facebook, instagram and twitter (constantly meaning on average I check my social media platforms about 3-4 times per hour)
Usually by 3-4pm, my iPhone will be down to 30% battery life and I generally have to recharge it by then. And this is when I’ve got only whatsapp and viber apps notification turned on and minimal screen brightness on the phone!)

The S3 however last me a till a good early night. If I’m good with the battery it has no problem or whatsoever lasting me through the day. So far no need for a recharge during the day =D

The S3 contact list somehow is able to detect whether your friend has whatsapp(provided if you’ve already installed whatsapp on your phone) and you can set your default means of messaging a person to whatsapp. I found this really useful to be honest! Just small lil details but I really like it

Texting however I found really difficult initially, heck even until now I”m still not used to the keyboard. Luckily the swype function on the S3 makes texting much much easier. I just have to use my fingers to swipe along the keyboard to spell out the words i want to type and voila!(It’s also pretty accurate, have had no problems with it so far)

Obviously, if you do type in alot of Manglish, it might have some difficulties picking up the word you want it to type

Voice control
I personally have had not much problems with my iPhone but the Siri(voice control for iPhone)cant turn on camera/ or do a certain things that the S3’s S voice could do

However, I find Siri to be a little smarter

If I asked for the weather in bangkok when I’m located in KL, these are the 2 different responses I get from the phone

Siri does sound a little more human imo =p

Other features I think is very worth mentioning about the S3

Simultaneous tasking

Proximity Sensor

Prices for the phone varies depending on the carrier you choose so it’s best to head over to them to ask for the price that they are offering for.=)

Hopefully that helps answers your questions about the S3
Hit the comment bar below if you’ve got any more questions about the phone!

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