Terra Azzurra

Love it when it’s all summer and bright,

Being in this hot and humid weather in Malaysia is not exactly the best weather condition for makeups and what not as it does melt quite easily.

meh, as if the weather would change my passion for makeup hah!

Anyyyways, was blessed enough to be asked to join Guerlain’s summer collection media launch the other day

Photo credits to Sui Ying=)

This summer, Gurlain’s got some interesting things lined up for us=)

Can you imagine a turquoise sea, a burning sun and a nice beach?

Well, Guerlain by Emilio Pucci can.

Introducing Guerlain’s summer collection

The bronzing powder and blush is of such a pretty color. It’s got a bronzing color and 3 pretty blusher color that would def suit any skin tone

The item that got me really excited was the Meteorites
Pretty lil pearls and now adding this corrective effect by adding the blue and pink counter to help correct tired complexions
Beige and orange to warm up the complexion to give you a perfect summer look
and the ivory and white gold are the ever so important light reflectors for a illuminating effect!

And their eyeshadow that is such a pretty color for summer!


Meh to black eyeliner for this summer.
Let’s go indigo blue instead!

beautiful formulation, so creamy and such beautiful color! absolutely love love love this product

Trying out their products

Final Look

You can find Guerlains stores in
Parkson KLCC
Parkson Pavilion
Isetan Gardens Mid Valley
Isetan KLCC

Got some lovely goodie bags from Guerlain, will post that up pretty soon! Can’t wait to try out the lipstick I got given * squeals in excitement*

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