Say what! There iz a giraffe ‘ere?

We found a giraffe!

haha, nah we actually had dinner at the giraffe the other day

I really quite enjoyed it to be honest,good food with a really really good pricing and I love the interior design and am looking forward to going back during the day as I’d have more sunlight for photography=)

It’s not too difficult to find the place. Located just at the shop lots right behind Klang Parade.

Let’s count ze giraffe!

Cute lil table decorations

Ordered our drinks
Couldn’t resist not ordering this

Traffic Light Solero Smoothie (RM9.90)

I haven’t these traffic light icesticks in a gazillion years! such memory
The drink was very sour, so def for you sour food lovers.

not really my type of a drink but Nate seems to LOVE it!

such a good drink for a warm night!

My drink for the night was the
Rainbow Iceblended with Soursop (RM 8.50)

I love love love it, though Nate seemed to be extremely greedy that night, was attempting to steal my drink away from me too!

The drink hit the right spot, wasn’t overly sweet and has a lil sourness(soursop) to it.A thirst quencher for sure.

Wasn’t ready for the photo yet!!Asked Nate to take a photo of me with the drink this is what I get..ah well

Had our entrees
Margherita Twist (RM 4.50)

I thought it was a really good value for money entree! mhmm!

I’ve always been a savoury food person so I ordered the
Pigs in Blanket (RM13.80)

Sausage rolled in bacon. Don’t think it needs more explaining does it?

For our mains,
Tom Yam Pork Ribs Pasta (RM18.80)

Pasta was spicy(which I really really liked) and the spagetthi was cooked just al dente! Highly recommend this dish for you spicy lovers out there. This dish was the highlight for me for that night. Still think about it every now and then (Sigh,Why is the drive to Klang so long=( )

Nate ordered the
Pork Meatballs and Fries (Rm11.50)

I thought the dish was ok, perhaps coz I had it after the pasta, but yeah it was okay.

wait, pics a little blur?

Let’s try again
The Giraffe Townhouse Burger Stacko (RM 36.60)

There! Much better.
I dont even know how to describe this burger.
like… Wow..
WOW.. when the burger arrived I was just lost for words. I mean, look at the height of the burger!! Burger taste good, homemade patty, cheese, lettuce. Already a winning combination for a good burger.

Watchu looking at you giraffe?

Ok, then it was time for a break for me, too much good food, had to go around to take some photos!

They have this really pretty living room area that was decorated with colorful pillows
I don’t see how that combination of “colorful” and “pillow” not be destructive.
I know those 2 words together is enough to make me forget about almost everything =.=

Quick help me take a photo!

and again!

ok, now I’m happy=D

So it’s back to our food.
Teriyaki Pork Belly (RM 13.90)

Teriyaki, pork belly. I mean, it’s teriyaki pork belly! How can it possibly go wrong man. Tender pork belly drizzled generously with teriyaki sauce. ahh, bliss

And by now I was super super full but you know what they say,
girls always have another stomach for desserts=p

I ended my night with the
Chocolate Lollipop (RM7.50)

Warm milk and a solid chocolate lollipop.
Melt the chocolate and stir it around to get a nice hot chocolate. Def brings back memories, I used to have something similar to this almost everyday when I was back in Perth during winter.

If you’re around the area, drop the restaurant a visit. I really would recommend this place!

psss… I’ve checked the menu, and they even have their own brewed beer! How cool is that!

Website:Phone 03-3341 8933
Facebook page :

Don’t forget to hit like on the facebook page to keep yourself updated with the promo and stuff they have on!

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