Say what! You’re furless?

Bloody sick at the moment, coughing like a mad hyena=(

Anyways, had a very interesting experience the other day at Furless

I’m sure some of you guys might have read some of these waxing thingy blogpost somewhere.

Anyways, headed down to the place, Furless, that was located in JAYA 1 with pretty Sui Ying and Samantha

I have to say, this being my first time, I’m pretty darn nervous! But I guess a girl has gotta look good ya, those unsightly hairy bits can be quite…eww.. and some of us girls are not that lucky, so yeah ah well!

Still wondering what I’m on about?
Yes, I went for a waxing session at Furless Waxing the other day.

Luckily for us, Furless does their services at a super reasonable price. Prices includes after session mask and cooling gel and all sort, so none of those ridiculous, if you want this you gotta pay nonsense!

Place has got really pretty sofas, I guess it’s does help make you feel more comfortable!

Was completely stupid enough to volunteer myself going first, well, we had a tough decision coz all three of us are having our very first waxing session.Completely regretted after I said it but I was reluctant to admit it. Trying to be brave..until I realised,

… it wasn’t just a normal leg wax.. we we going in for a bikini wax.

oh my dear lord, save me.

Walked into the room, I do have to admit the calm environment did make me feel much better, and seeing how the room has heaps of comfy towels and pillow, made me forget what I was in for for a brief second.

Anne, our therapist was super professional! At furless they use 3 different types of wax to help wax different parts of the body, according to the sensitivity of that area and Anne was amazing at distracting us!

This did help quite abit because before I knew it, it was done and over it.

I have to say the pain is def there, but hey it did go away within seconds and I was also told by other people who’s done waxing at other places and at Furless, that this place hurts 30% Lesser!

That’s heaps of pain reduced if you asked me.

Happy customer after service
I’m sure glad I gave my first to Furless!

For those who are keen but less daring, you could always go for a different kinda wax. There’s the “Golden Triangle”, “Out of the box”,”Striptease”and “Totally Furless”.

They also provide waxing for both male and female for other parts of the body ie arm,legs,eyebrow and so on

still not convinced?
First timers get 50% off All Services if you mention my name!!
Yukiko so why not right?

Make sure you make an appointment before you decide to pop by!

Furless Waxing
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
No 72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours:
10am – 8pm (Mondays to Sundays)

Phone number: +603 79317326

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