Walking down memory lane in OZ.Long post.

Reading past archives of my blog last night made me tear a little.
Time really flies, and I’m so so so blessed that I’ve got these people(and more but I can’t fit everyone into this post) part of life.

It’s gonna be a long post, so yeah=)

Hey you, remember this?

Start the post with this

I don’t need to go into details, but I really miss you girls heaps. Can’t wait to see you girls again in Oct! Words just don’t do how much I miss you girls justice.

you remember that guy who wanted to be in the middle Vicks?HAHA

hah, and you crazy people.

You have NO IDEA how much I am looking forward to your wedding!! Thinking of it just makes me puts a huge smile on my face!

and the best trip of all my travelling down south moments. The ship that doesn’t sink-friendship

and you know what they say, when you don’t have good housemates, it gets pretty brutal

I’m so glad I had you guys as my housemates. You guys were the best! Loved all the crazy moments we had in that 5/40 ey! Whether it was the attempt to get drunk, the attempt to catching all the mouse in the apartment(let’s not go into details) or the time we kept a gazilllion bottles of leftover beers at our place coz we couldn’t finish them(we don’t have a habit of drinking) or to the flying paper plane sessions. You guys were the best housemates anyone could have ever had!!

8 years and counting ey hun=)

and I absolutely love this photo of us. Always so patient to put up with my ridiculously lame jokes=D Let’s go back for the french brioche one day again =D

You’ll prolly kill me for putting up so many photos of you but I don’t really care!You are one of my I-don’t-talk-to-you-often guy friend(we chat every half a year) but you are def one of my closest buddy.

I still can’t believe you lost this purple umbrella!( Still thinking whether you did lose it on purpose)

And our Araluen trip? Man I miss those days ey.

You complain so much about my talkativeness
Denn: Yuks, you talk too much
Yukiko: yeah but if it weren’t for that we’d prolly never be such close friends
Denn: …yeah true that.

and how you often treat me like a guy=.=
Denn: Hey dude
Yukiko: …

Thanks Denn for always being there for me.

and you, I dont know what I would have done without you. You’re hell one of best friend! And I can’t wait to head back and have froyo and talk about our evil plan to rule the world! We can then go for indian food, and more froyo again!

Hello Zombie Jason!

Your mask still scares me till this date Dan! We are one scary family haha, I still think we did a very awesome job of scaring people that were driving past the street that night while walking over to Fion’s.

And our catchup sessions! Will you do a brunch date with me again Will when I get back?

And I want a lion club Cyn!

Can’t wait to go shopping with you again hun!! Missing you so much!

and you Josh! Love love love the bowtie! So I’m guessing we can go for macaroons soon again?=)

I really thank God for technology, and Steve Jobs for Facetime and iMsg.  Life’s so much easier to cope with when they are just a call away.

Feels like ages away. and in just 2 more months I get to see you guys again.

I can’t wait!

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