Lolita the fluffy dog!

Well I’ll say,

I lick my pretty small nose

walk my furry paw

yeah you guys all fall for me coz I”m cute!

saw this amazingly cute puppy yesterday(Her name is Lolita) whilst having lunch with Sui Ying and Mun Mun yesterday.

She was such a darling, manja to the max too! Kept turning over for belly rubs! ahhh! I was so tempted to dog-nap it home!

Did the usual catchup stuff, at Levain this time.
I’ve always loved this place. French patisserie, alfresco dining, good coffee/food. What’s there not to like?

Anyways, started of our brunch with drinks
Sui Ying’s Caffe Latte

My hot chocolate

I don’t know why but I dont have photos of Sui Ying oh yeah photos are in her camera

Anyways, so I took photos of Mun.
Such a sweet smile!=D

and her accessories

and of course with her lunch, the chicken lasagne.
I don’t really know how it taste like but Mun did say that it was pretty yum

Sui Ying’s lunch
I think she ordered the seafood marinara. She did seem to quite enjoy her food(sorry I was way too obsessed with Lolita so I couldn’t be bothered trying the food)

Wild Mushroom
The portion of the food was actually quite small, but it was perfect for me since I don’t eat much anyways. Love the creaminess and I did had a weird request, I asked them for some sambal for the dish.
Which to me made the dish taste a little better because of the sourness of the sambal and you won’t get all sick from the cream and stuff.

I’m really late for lunch now so I gotta run

Have you hyped yet?

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