360 Pool Party

Was at this really pretty place the other day, place however was a lil painful to locate(If you miss the turning you’d be pretty lost)

What am I talking about?
We were fortunate enough to be invited by Don Chan on behalf of 360TV to one of their pool party at Best Western Premier.

I mean come on, who would have think that a building in the city like this would have an outdoor/swimming pool lounge like this?

I was actually quite in awe when I stepped out of the lift. Wow, I would have never guessed!

Wow right?

Managed to find our table *Excited bah, it had my name on it*

hmm, this is starting to become a signature pose, should I be worried?

Have I ever told you how much I dislike Fashion show?
Yeah, I know you prolly haven’t heard of it cause I’ve never said it before but
ARGH WHY ARE THE CLOTHES ALWAYS SO NICE! I can already hear my best friend saying
“Yuki, any more stripes clothings and you’ll turn into a zebra”

Photos credit of Kelvin Sing

Absolutely loving the bikini

SODA’s New collection. Yeah, def gonna be doing some damage to my wallet later. *sniff*

Anyways, for those who don’t know what 360 is about. Let me explain a little and for those who already know what it is about(Thank you very much for constantly reading my blog) Let me just explain it again anyways coz I have some new information this time round.

You’d know that 360 has now their company’s own internet TV program called the 360 Celsius Buzz.
It is a 5 minutes TV programme featuring everything from fashion news to event coverages in KL.

5 minutes, that’s def a good time to catch up on what’s the latest gist in KL. I often find myself sleeping through the TV shows(no thanks to my short attention span* if it’s more than an hour.

5 minutes, yeah I”m sure I can handle that=p

Went to their poolside party just the other day!

They have a weekly giveaway where winners get to experience the awesomeness- VIP event invites, spa pamper packages, concert tickets!

Every Wednesday and Friday at 4pm, you’d be able to check out their online TV show on their website!

Of course you could also find them on YouTube, MSN malaysia and their Facebook Fanpage!


oh and my OOTD

Have you Hyped yet?

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